Success in Virtualization Solutions!

We will move forward together on the path we have set to achieve success in virtualization solutions.

Benefits of Virtualization Solutions

Although server virtualization is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of virtualization, virtualization means many things to us. Yes, server virtualization is always very valuable because it is the basis of cloud technologies and it is an area where we invest very seriously. However, in addition to server virtualization, we offer services in areas such as session virtualization, application virtualization and even containers, which are the upper layers of server virtualization, which are value-added services.

As ITStack, we support our customers in all virtualization projects with our expert staff and guide them to the right virtualization layer and project.

In Which Solutions IT Consultancy?

In which solutions can I choose Virtualization services?

  • Virtual infrastructure installations

  • Improvement of existing virtual infrastructure

  • Relocation of existing Sanel infrastructure

  • Tightening of existing virtual infrastructure

  • High availability of existing virtual infrastructure

  • Hybrid infrastructure installations

  • Centralized management and backup for virtual infrastructures


The maximum benefit you can achieve after the solutions we have completed will be as follows.










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