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Benefits of Data Storage & Backup Services

Data is a company’s most valuable asset, making it accessible is as important as controlling or restricting access to it. This is why you need to store your data in the right environment. Buying the right storage products for the right business need, calculating growth rates, ensuring that the existing product has sufficient features for possible business continuity scenarios, and calculating total ownership as well as operation and maintenance costs are crucial for data storage workloads. Yes, we need to make data available to people so that it is valuable, generates business and generates profit. However, the deletion or loss of data in the event of a situation or in the presence of malicious people will lead to a major disaster.

According to a study conducted in the US, we see that companies that lose all of their data after a possible disaster go bankrupt within 2 years on average. So if you don’t have data, you don’t actually have a company. From this point of view, there is no room for weakness in the backup area, especially for a company with weak security measures. Too often, many companies complain about the cost of security products and do not invest in them, leaving them vulnerable to malware infections or attacks by malicious actors. You need to have a very good backup and fallback scenario in case your data cannot be accessed in this or other scenarios. As ITStack, with our experience, we actually support you with the most suitable storage, backup solutions and scenarios for your company needs.

In Which Solutions IT Consultancy?

In which solutions can I choose Data Storage and Backup services?

  • Storage installations

  • Server installations

  • Improvement of existing virtualization infrastructure

  • Renewal of existing virtualization infrastructure

  • Tightening of existing virtualization infrastructure

  • Hybrid IT installations with new generation Software-defined products


The maximum benefit you can achieve after the solutions we have completed will be as follows.










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