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Benefits of Data Center Solutions

As ITStack, we offer our business partners data center solutions that meet all the business needs of their customers and comply with industry standards.

What is a Data Center Service?

As IT Stack, we offer our business partners data center solutions that meet all the business needs of their customers and comply with industry standards. It involves outsourcing this service instead of the institution establishing its own data center.

Why use data center services?

Instead of establishing and managing their own data centers, organizations prefer to receive services from a data center service provider.

It is possible to list the reasons why organizations use data center services as follows;

  • Increased Workload: The number and variety of applications used by organizations is increasing day by day and this brings an additional management burden on IT. By outsourcing the data center service to a service provider, the organization can reduce this burden and create more resources/time for activities such as developing and deploying IT solutions that meet the needs of the organization.
  • Personnel Competence: Data center service providers have competent and experienced staff for the management of the infrastructure they provide. Experienced and qualified personnel can provide faster and more effective solutions to problems that may arise. In case the organization procures and manages a similar infrastructure itself, it will be the responsibility of the organization to have competent staff.
  • Data Security: A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is signed between the institution that will receive a data center and the data center service provider. The data center service provider is obliged to provide the security requirements contained in this confidentiality agreement. Many data center service providers meet the requirements of data and information security standards (especially the ISO 27001 standard) and obtain the relevant certification. In this process, the data center service provider is audited by both international certificate auditors and local auditor institutions. There are many measures that can be taken by the data center service provider. Examples of these measures include receiving documents with wet signatures at the entrance and exit of the personnel accessing the hardware that requires physical intervention to the data center, taking camera recordings at the entrance, during the visit and at the exit; applications that change the administrator passwords required for personnel access each time when remote access is required, and making the changes made by the accessing personnel with the camera in accordance with the change directives.

ITSTACK serves the sector with its expert staff on topics such as Microsoft Systems, Virtualization, Security, Server & Storage & Hybrid Architecture, Network, Business Continuity, Cloud Computing.

  • Enterprise Technology Products: While institutions can only invest at the level of their needs, companies that provide a quality data center service strive to use the highest level / quality applications and hardware as much as possible to meet the needs of their customers and can provide these infrastructures as a service. For example, an organization can invest in a basic service desk application for its needs, while a data center service provider prefers to invest in a product that complies with international standards in order to provide a quality service to many organizations.
  • Continuous Support Service: In order to ensure the continuity of the existing service, organizations may have to make a certain shift planning within their limited staff. This causes staff to take the next day off or work with low performance. On holidays and at certain times of the night, access to competent staff and support can be problematic. Service continuity may be affected in cases where the personnel working in the organization cannot work for a long period of time due to reasons such as leave, illness, resignation, maternity leave. Since data center service providers usually work on a 24/7 basis in line with the service provided, they have competent staff. Continuous access to competent personnel is possible
  • Low Costs: Hardware and software costs are more affordable due to the fact that the company/institution providing data center services makes large bulk purchases and offers these resources to many different institutions on a shared basis. The same applies to staff. For example, a staff member deployed on the Microsoft platform is a direct cost for the organization as they only serve the organization’s infrastructure, whereas service providers can use a staff member of the same value in more than one organization, which provides a cost advantage.
  • Process and Certification: Data center service providers are obliged to operate in compliance with various standards and frameworks (PCI-DSS, COBIT, ITIL, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 22301, etc.) due to specific legal requirements. Therefore, many data center service providers have defined and implemented the processes required by these standards. It is time consuming and costly for organizations to create an information technology infrastructure suitable for these certificates.
In Which Solutions IT Consultancy?

In which solutions can I choose Data Center Solutions?

  • Data center installations

  • Data center expansion operations

  • Data center improvement operations

  • Data center hardening operations

  • Software-defined data center design and installations

  • Use of multiple data centers

  • Disaster Scenarios


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