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We will move forward together on the path we have set to achieve success in Cloud Computing service.

Benefits of Cloud Computing Services

Keeping pace with the changing and developing technology and making maximum use of the blessings of technology will enable companies to increase their competitiveness in their sectors. In order to stay ahead of the competition in an ever-shrinking local or global market, it is necessary to make good use of the technological advantages provided by cloud computing. When you examine successful business models around the world, we see that the right model for most of them is to outsource their business needs outside the business they focus on. Sending bulk mail, processing big data, geographical storage or protection of backups. Cloud computing offers solutions to companies in many areas such as providing security products based on artificial intelligence that require high technology, forecasting analysis for the business line, customer profile, flexible resource utilization for new technologies.

As IT Stack, with our knowledge, know-how and experience, we share what the systems of local and global cloud manufacturers will offer to our customers, which services or services will be suitable for which business needs. In this way, they will increase their competitiveness thanks to the flexible, affordable cost-benefit advantage of the cloud, which will enable them to progress directly in their own focus area without spending personnel, effort or labor for services that pass as infrastructure or support services outside the main business line.

In Which Solutions IT Consultancy?

For which solutions can I choose Cloud Computing Services?

  • Considering the use of Microsoft Azure
  • Considering the use of Amazon AWS or Google Cloud

  • In cases where License Costs increase

  • In cases where Hardware Costs increase

  • When the need for a multi-location Data Center arises

  • Simultaneous use of multiple cloud infrastructures

  • Establishing a new infrastructure through the cloud

  • Optimizing your infrastructure on the cloud


The maximum benefit you can achieve after the solutions we have completed will be as follows.










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