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Benefits of Business Continuity Solutions

Real business continuity is a very serious business. At the end of the day, although companies of all sizes, large and small, need business continuity, these business needs of companies should be evaluated by an expert staff and invested with a correct business continuity plan. Although making a copy of an existing disk content is defined as business continuity for some small-scale companies, remote data center projects where all hardware and data are instantly backed up on the basis of the data center are also defined as business continuity. In particular, backup, disaster recovery center or disaster scenarios are often confused with business continuity.

As ITStack, we prepare a suitable scenario for every company, large or small, in line with real business needs. In this way, we can realize a business continuity project suitable for the dynamics of the sector in which it is located with solutions that are affordable for SMEs and similar companies and address their business needs. Similarly, we can realize a suitable business continuity project for sectors such as telecom, finance, health sector and similar sectors that need to work uninterruptedly. In such projects, we can offer end-to-end solutions in such projects with our expert staff, as it is a project that actually includes many layers such as network, security, server, storage, application layer.

In Which Solutions IT Consultancy?

In which solutions can I choose Business continuity services?

  • Improvement of existing infrastructure

  • High accessibility of existing infrastructure

  • The need for a disaster scenario

  • Disaster scenario testing needs

  • Improving existing scenarios

  • Establishing a flexible infrastructure by establishing a hybrid structure


The maximum benefit you can achieve after the solutions we have completed will be as follows.










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