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ITSTACK Information Systems was established in 2018 as a new generation system solution partner with the working principle of “the right organization / person for the right job and a solutional approach to your demands”, which is a great need for the IT sector. Our aim is to provide services in areas such as consultancy, installation, product and license supply, training and training in areas that manufacturers, distributors, business partners and customers in the IT sector need and especially in areas that require expertise.
Our most important goal in providing this service is to ensure that the services we offer provide added value to our customers, business partners and the industry. Based on this, we have specialized personnel, which is one of the biggest gaps in the sector, especially in value-added projects.

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Within the scope of our work and interviews with ITSTACK, you can be sure that ITSTACK does not memorize the IT concept on documents or presentations, but guides its customers in the healthiest way with instant solution ideas and innovative approaches. You can get good service, maintenance and correct use/operation recommendations with peace of mind in terms of the needs of the sector, both product-based and business-based.

İsmail Yıldırım | IT Division Manager, AEGON
Each company is different from the other in its organization. This can make it difficult to adapt theoretical solutions to the organization. The solution lies in both theoretical and practical mastery. One of the main elements of the differences is that the ITStack team reaches the goal by blending theory and practice after analyzing with the awareness that every event has a story.
Gökhan Koca | ITC Section Manager, ARCHITECT
Unlike conventional consultancy services, working with us with dedication as an employee of our organization and being there for us whenever we need, brings us extremely pleasant and useful experiences.
Göksel Arslan | Information Systems Director, AVVA
Working with ITStack, which has an expert, collaborative and solution-oriented dynamic staff, was a very valuable experience for our company and myself.
Halil TAYFUR | Network and System Specialist, EMIN GROUP
The solution-oriented approach of ITSTACK Information Systems experts was a very valuable gain for us. Since we don’t have time to deal with many chronic problems in our daily work tempo and these problems affect workflows in the long run, it was very valuable that the teams we consulted understood corporate business needs well and offered solutions with minimum effort and interruption.
Evren Banger | System Administrator, FOUNDATION PENSION

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